Demystifying Myths About Home Solar Power Systems | NestMade Solar

May 14, 2023

Did you know that adopting a solar power system could significantly reduce your electricity bills? And it’s not just about the bills; you’d be doing the environment a great favor, too. However, the decision to install a home solar power system is a big one, and there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding solar power systems. In this blog post, we’ll address some of the most common myths about home solar power systems and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your home.

Myth #1: Solar systems don’t work in cold climates
Fact: Solar power systems work just fine in cold climates. In fact, solar photovoltaic panels work more efficiently in colder temperatures. Solar panels can also generate electricity in cloudy weather and can be used year-round.

Myth #2: Solar power systems are too expensive to install
Fact: While initial installation costs can seem high, the cost of solar installations has significantly decreased over the years. Additionally, the government offers incentives to homeowners who install solar panels, further reducing the costs of installation. Besides, once installed, solar power systems can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Myth #3: Solar power systems require a lot of maintenance
Fact: Besides occasionally getting rid of snow or debris that may accumulate on the panels, solar power systems require very little maintenance. Solar panels usually come with a warranty of at least 25 years, and with proper maintenance, can go for decades without needing repairs.

Myth #4: Solar power systems are not suitable for all homes
Fact: Solar power systems can be installed on most homes, not just those in sunny areas. While homes in sunnier regions do produce more solar energy, homes in other areas can still benefit from solar power installations.

Myth #5: Solar power systems are bad for the environment
Fact: On the contrary, solar power systems are good for the environment. While the manufacturing, transportation, and installation of solar panels may emit small amounts of greenhouse gasses, solar panels produce no emissions when generating electricity, unlike fossil fuels.

Home solar power systems can be an excellent investment in the long run. By debunking these myths, you can have renewed confidence in choosing to install a solar power system for your home. As you consider a solar power system for your home, make sure you do your research, and choose a reputable installer. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of using solar power in your home, and you’ll be glad you made the investment.

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